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Learn about the benefits, consultation process, preparation needed, and costs associated with a facelift or neck lift procedure under the skilled hands of Dr. Cohen.


There are several benefits of facelift and neck lift procedures including:

  • Lifts sagging jowls
  • Removes excess facial skin and fat deposits including a double chin
  • Reduces deep wrinkles
  • Tightens and redefines the face and neck area
  • Lasting results


Before you proceed with any surgery, Dr. Cohen will discuss everything you need to know through a personalized consultation. He will start by listening to your aesthetic goals and concerns. He will then examine your face and neck area to assess the extent of aging and other issues. This will determine if a facelift or neck lift procedure is the ideal solution for your skin aging issues.

Dr. Cohen will customize your surgical plan and explain all the details during your consultation. He will answer any questions you may have so you can make a sound decision on whether or not to go through the procedure.


A successful facelift or neck lift begins with thorough preparation. You need to visit your primary physician to complete your medical evaluation and all laboratory testing. Sometimes, the physician may want to meet with Dr. Cohen before your surgery. 

You also need to stop smoking at least four weeks before the surgery date. Dr. Cohen will recommend you avoid certain food, drinks, supplements, and medications that can increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. Lastly, you also have to make arrangements for your work, schedule, and recovery.

The face and neck lift procedure

Dr. Cohen specializes in a technique known as the “vertical facelift.” A vertical facelift does not just tighten the skin, it strategically repositions the muscles, fascia and fat supporting the skin. This is achieved by a combination of a deep face lift technique and SMAS platysmal repositioning. This method allows for comprehensive facial rejuvenation, addressing both the skin and underlying structures. The procedure can help improve sagging jowls, loose skin on the neck, deep wrinkles, and other signs of facial aging, resulting in a more youthful and refreshed appearance. In some cases, Dr. Cohen may recommend additional enhancements in the chin and neck areas to achieve the most successful and comprehensive results.

Facelift & Neck Lift Recovery

After surgery, most people experience minimal pain and medication may be prescribed. Swelling and bruising are normal and may be alleviated with cold compresses and elevation. Avoid excessive activity and report any discomfort to your surgeon. Although there are few risks associated with facelift surgery, there is always a slight risk with any surgical procedure.

In some cases, a drainage tube may be inserted during surgery which is removed on the first or second day after surgery. Sutures and clips are typically removed within five to ten days. You will be given instructions for post-operative care and guidance on how your family and friends can best support you during your recovery period.

Most patients require two to three weeks for recovery, though many return to work within two weeks. Scars may be inconspicuous once they have matured and can be easily concealed by creases in the skin, the hair, or makeup during the healing process.

Am I a good candidate for a facelift?

Before electing facial surgery, it’s vital to be in good overall health and have realistic expectations. During a consultation at our Beverly Hills office, Dr. Cohen will thoroughly examine your facial structure, assess your skin’s texture, color, elasticity, and evaluate any individual risks associated with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, smoking, or blood clotting. Dr. Cohen will take a complete medical history and evaluate the patient’s mental and emotional attitude. It is important to have reasonable expectations of what can be accomplished with a facelift.


During the consultation, you and Dr. Cohen’s team will discuss the cost of the entire procedure. The grand total depends on the procedure itself, materials used, and facility fees, among others. Rest assured that we will be transparent with any predicted expenses for your surgery.

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